Masterchef UK: Professionals – Sous Vide

So, my wife and I enjoy watching cooking competition shows on TV: Top Chef, Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen, etc. Certainly, some are much better than others, but these fulfill our curiosity as food and cooking aficionados as well as our silly guilty “Reality TV” pleasures.

Recently, we came across, Masterchef UK: Professionals, on the BBC America channel. This has become one of my favorite cooking shows. Granted, the brits certainly do not have the flair for the dramatics like us Americans do, but for reality television the quality of the chefs and food prepared carry it very well.
masterchef pro
Something that took my wife and I by surprise was the frequent use of the sous vide technique in almost every challenge and cooking test. They used it to cook all types of proteins, of course, but also for preparing compressed fruit, vegetables, and even custards.

Once the contestants are whittled down to the finalists, they are sent to work the line at Michlin-starred restaurants, and be evaluated by the chefs. Conveniently, all of these kitchens used sous vide preparations, in some manner on their menu.

I was very pleased to see how normal the technique is in these professional kitchens. How commonplace vacuum packing and cooking under vacuum (sous vide) has been adopted despite it being a modern technique.


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