NRA 2016, Chicago, My Bags are Vac-Packed

The month of May is here, and that can only mean one thing…Mother’s Day! Cinco de Mayo!, My Wife’s Birthday! Nope, it’s the National Restaurant Association Expo in Chicago!

Print goes every year, and every year is great, but this year is special in that Henkelman Vacuum Systems, for the first time ever, will be exhibiting their superior vacuum packers. This is significant, because NRA-goers will be exposed to a great brand and product in a way they have not been before.

Yes, other vacuum packer brands have exhibited at the show before. However, it is time for a truly world-class chamber vacuum sealer manufacturer to emerge as a star in this category, and there is no one better than Henkelman Vacuum Systems:

  • Ease of Use
  • Hygienic Design
  • Strong Busch Vacuum Pump (German Made)
  • Wireless Seal Bar(s)
  • Seamless Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Designed to Fit Your Needs – Basic to Sophisticated
  • Robust, Durable Construction
  • Best Value For Your Dollar

If you happen to be at the show, stop by the Henkelman booth (#9547), and tell them Trey sent you for a special NRA offer only available at

What life will you extend?

Advertisements Discount – Chicago-bound, NRA 2015

It’s that time of year again. May time in Chicago, where food craft meets business craft in a delicious fusion of flavors. Yes, I am pushing the metaphors to new unpalatable heights. But, hey, we are talking about, NRA 2015.

This year, will be offering a special NRA disNRA 2015count starting today through the end of the month. A month long special where you can receive a 5% discount off any single item, or maximize the offer by applying it to a bundle of products, like a sous vide bundle which could include a Henkelman Vacuum Packer and a Fusionchef Circulator, plus Boil-In Vacuum Bags.

Any and all models are fair game.

The Voucher Code is: NRA2015

Visit now, and cook your food sous vide!


I Once Caught A Fish This Big…

Over the weekend my wife and I decided we were craving fish and decided to cook some up. Now, she and I have different preferences on most everything food-wise, but when it comes to fish we both love salmon.

We drove Sunday morning to the grocery store (Whole Foods) to get the best fish we could find, and found some good options. As you may have guessed we wanted to cook these ingredients sous vide, so we ended up getting salmon, sea bass, and cod.

We set the Pearl Immersion Circulator to 132ºF, and planned to cook all the fish for about 18 minutes. We were happy to see that this could be done in such little time compared to proteins like short ribs, which can take up to 48 hours, or more.

First up was the salmon. We vacuum packed the filet after slightly salting and peppering, and adding a sprig of thyme and some butter. We used the Henkelman chamber vacuum packer, Jumbo 30.


The results were extraordinary. The filet was perfectly cooked, completely moist, full flavored and delicious.


The next fish we decided to do was the cod. We vacuum packed this filet with some shallots, white wine, basil, lemon zest, butter and thyme.

Cod Mis En Place

Cod Mis En Place

While the results with the cod were surprisingly good, my personal opinion is that it could have used a bit more time over the 18 minutes, or been cooked at a higher temperature. I think it can be a bit more soft and tender.

Cod 1

Patagonian Toothfish?
For the third and last filet we sous vide Chilean Sea Bass. I have to say, this was the best out of the three. We vacuum packed the bass in coconut milk, kafir lime leaves, lemon grass, shallots and garlic.

bass juice

Vacuum packed with a Henkelman Jumbo 30


…and cooked it the same way. 132ºF for 18 minutes with the Pearl Circulator.

You can see below the results. If pictures say a thousand words, then my taste buds are the strong silent type – I was speechless…



This was a great experience, which my wife and I enjoyed thoroughly. If you have never had the opportunity to eat sous vide cooked fish or meat, you must.