How To Use Your Fusionchef Circulator

So, you received your new Fusionchef Immersion Circulator along with your Henkelman Vacuum Packer and you are ready to sous vide!

First things first. Read you Owner’s Manual!

If you have the basic mountable model (for example the standard Pearl) you want to attach the unit to a water vessel, and place on a flat surface. Fill the vessel or water bath with water (warm, preferably).

All units are marked with a maximum line to which the water level should not pass, and there is low point the water level should not go below. This is about 3 inches below the top edge of the water bath. (see below image).

Circulator Water Level Limits

One of the great benefits of the Fusionchef circulators is that they will sound the alarm and shut off if the water level evaporates to a dangerously low level. I say dangerously, because as with any immersion circulator too little water can cause damage to the pump and heating element.

The above information applies to both the Pearl Series and Diamond Series of immersion circulators.

Let’s Get Cooking:
After you have gone through the steps detailed in the Owner’s Manuel and have everything setup, we can now turn the machine on. This is done by flipping the switch at the rear of the unit. The unit will go into Standby and display the OFF message.
Adjust the temperature to the desired level using the “up” or “down” arrow.
To start the unit and begin circulating and heating the water bath, press and hold the OK button. The immersion circulator will begin its work. The display will now show the current temperature of the water. To view the set temperature push one of the arrow buttons.
Once the bath has heated to the desired temperature you are ready to drop in a vacuum pack of delicious. Press the Timer key to set the time with the arrow buttons, a signal will sound to notify you that time is up.

For the Diamond units, the process is basically the same, except the Diamond has more functionality. You can pre-set up to three temperatures and times and/or use three separate Timers. The display shows a lot more information and can be used in conjunction with a core temperature probe (Pt100).

The face of a Diamond…
Diamond Face


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