How To Use Your Henkelman Vacuum Packer

When you get your brand new shiny Henkelman, and struggle a bit to get it out of the box the first thing you want to do is read the instructions. Now, I know everybody says this, but it really is important even though the machine is super easy to use.

Once out of the box you will want to fill the pump with oil. The machine comes with a bottle of oil portioned for one use. Depending on the particular model you have, this process may vary slightly (read your instructions). In addition the oil you will also find the black insert plates which help with vacuum bag placement, and a separate service kit (see more about vacuum packer service kits here).

Now that the pump is filled with oil plug the machine in, and release the lid allowing it to fully open before you power on the machine. This is important because the pump is activated when the lid is down.

Turn the machine on. The display will show two sets of numbers which should be notated on your owner’s manual. (If you don’t catch them the first time, they will always appear when the unit is powered on.)

That’s it! Fill a vacuum bag, place it in the chamber overlapping the seal bar and close the lid. This will activate the pump, extract all the air from the chamber and the vacuum bag. Once it reaches the set vacuum time or level the unit will seal the vacuum bag, then release the pressure from the chamber allowing the lid to pop back open and there you have it, a vacuum packaged…whatever.

Please note, it is very important to run the Conditioning Cycle prior to full-fledged use, and periodically there after. This cleans the oil and the pump ensuring a long happy life šŸ™‚ See more details on the Conditioning Program

Changing The Settings:
You may find that you do not require such a long vacuum time, or that you need more vacuum time. These settings can be easily changed, however this process varies between the Jumbo, Boxer and Lynx Series of vacuum packers since they each have different control boards.

Jumbo Series:
While the unit is on, a light will indicate which function the value on the display is referring to. If “Vacuum” is lit, you can adjust up or down the amount of seconds you wish the unit to vacuum by pushing the +/- buttons on the right.
To switch to the Seal function, push the down arrow on the left, then adjust with the +/- buttons. (2 or 2.5 seconds should suffice for sealing standard vacuum bags). See the Jumbo Series Lineup.
Jumbo Control Panel

Boxer Series:
The Boxer Series of vacuum packers have a bit more functionality. With a Boxer unit you can program 10 different settings. This is useful when you are packaging different types of product that need more or less vacuum, or benefit from the use of a special function like the H2O Sensor (aka Liquid Control) – see more about the H2O Sensor here.
Similar to the Jumbo, the values of each function are adjusted with the +/- button, and you toggle through the functions using the up/down arrow buttons. However, when you need to change the settings for one of the ten programs (0 – 9), you must select the program number (push the PROG button until you reach it), and push the REPROG button. After adjusting to the desired values you push the REPROG button again and the settings are saved.
Boxer - Control Panel

Lynx Series:
The Lynx Series of Vacuum Packers” target=”_blank”> of vacuum packers has a more advanced control panel, which full color, shows animations of the different processes as the machine moves through a vacuum cycle. The Lynx allows you to program 20 different settings and comes standard with the Sensor Control (Vacuum by %) function.
To select the desired program you use the “up” or “down” arrow. To view the functions you use the “left and “right” buttons. To edit a setting you press the “Enter” button in the center.
Note, only the Owner can edit settings., this function is pass code protected.
The really cool thing with the Lynx is that all the functions and settings can be changed and edited from you computer using the handy flash drive port and provided software.
Lynx Control Panel

Remeber: Read your Owner’s Manual.


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