at NRA 2014 – Chicago, IL

It’s that time of year again, Chicago-bound for NRA 2014. nra2014

Being one of the best foodservice industry trade shows in the USA, the NRA show is where American and international manufacturer’s show off their equipment. They show their tried-and-true and what’s new for all to view.

There are business seminars scheduled throughout the days of the show, as well as demonstrations with celebrity chefs presenting market trends for restaurants and bars.

I look forward to attending the show and visiting the Windy City…Chicago is my kind of town: big, foodie friendly, mid-west enough where the people are welcoming, and gritty enough to be interesting.

Being it is a foodservice industry trade show, in Chicago, eating plays a big a roll. I am still working out dinner plans for the duration, but know for sure that I will be dining at least once at the Purple Pig (one of my favorites).

One restaurant I’ve been dying to try is Girl and The Goat; the last three times I’ve been to Chicago I haven’t had the opportunity, hopefully fourth time’s a charm.

Kabocha Japanese Brasserie with Chef Shin Thompson (a happy customer and proud owner of a Jumbo 42 II) would have been a great option, but unfortunately they have closed their doors. (I can’t wait to enjoy his next project.)

Since I will be traveling with a colleague from Peru, we may just end up at world-renown Peruvian chef, Gastón Acurio’s restaurant, Tanta, and this would be just fine by me.

I hope to return home having enjoyed a successful show, well fed, and with good stories and pictures to share…and perhaps some not to share 😉

See you in Chicago!


This Is My Kind Of Town, Chicago Is…

I am really excited to be going to the NRA Show in Chicago this weekend. This is the second year in a row I will be attending, and I am sure it will be just as fun as last year.

The delicious food from the multitude of great restaurants the town has to offer has my stomach already growling. However, I have a specific spot which I am trying to get reservations at, the new restaurant by Michelin-starred Chef Shin Thompson, Kabocha | Japanese Brasserie.

I understand he recently closed his restaurant, Bonsoiree, to open this new concept. I am very interested in his work, because, well, it looks so yummy, but also because he has purchased several Henkelman Vacuum Packers.

At the first restaurant, Bonsoiree, he purchased a Jumbo Plus, our smallest unit with a really strong pump.

For the new place, Kabocha, he decided he needed a larger vacuum packer, and decided on the Jumbo 42, he fitted the unit with two seal bars, front and back.

I feel the repeat business he has given us is a flattering testament to the quality of the machines we provide. I really hope I will be able to take our friends from Henkelman to dine at his attractive restaurant.

I will report back about the trip and our time at NRA 2013.


…Chicago is
One town that won’t let you down
It’s my kind of town…

As sung by Frank Sinatra